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For the first time in the history. The whole new season "Stalitsa" will be performing in the T-shirts that we will create together with you!
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In the new season, the Stalitsa futsal club invites everyone to become a participant in the creation of a unique futsal T-shirt!

We put 356 cells on the game T-shirt. Each one is 4x3 cm. You can buy one or more cells and put your information: a logo or brand name, your name or your child's, a motivational word or an entire slogan, a marriage proposal or just a kind word for a loved one, photo or picture, a city name or Instagram nickname, number phone number - anything!

We fulfill an important and interesting task: to unite fans and representatives of business, professional athletes and students of our soccer academy around the club. We want to give everyone the opportunity to tell their story, show themselves or their project and become a part of the «Stalitsa» mini-football club forever. We will tell about the most interesting stories in detail during the season in our social networks.

The project itself is unique and has no analogues in the world. It combines a lot of modern trends, from the creation of social capital around the club and the community to crowdfunding.

But most importantly, participation in it is available to everyone! So let's create a T-shirt together!

Andrey Medvedev, general manager

About club

Futsal club «Stalitsa» has made significant achievements during its eight-year history, becoming the flagship of Belarusian futsal: three-time champion of Belarus, four-time bronze medalist, winner of the Cup and the Super Cup.

A regular participant in the group rounds of the Champions League futsal, is one of the top 16 clubs in Europe. The club is the base team for the National Team of Belarus.
UEFA Champions League
2019/2020 - Participant of the Elite Round
2017/2018 - Participant of the Elite Round
2014/2015 — Participant of the main round
Belarus Championship
2019/20 – Bronze
2018/19 – Gold
2017/18 – Bronze
2016/17 – Gold
2015/16 – Bronze
2014/15 – Bronze
2013/14 – Gold
Belarus Cup
Belarus SuperCup

Home stadium

Most games are held in the Palace of Sports "Uruchie" Minsk, Independence Avenue, 196.
The current schedule of all matches is available here.
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Youth Sports Public Association «Mini-Football Club «Stalitsa»
220125, Minsk, Independence Ave. 181-7H Independence Ave, room 32.
UNP 194903495

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